May 24, 2024

Top Dropshipping Businesses Countries 2024

Top Dropshipping Businesses Countries?

In this article, I’ll break down what makes a country a good or bad choice for dropshipping.

You’ll discover a list of the top 10 countries that are perfect for dropshipping, as well as 5 countries you might want to steer clear of.

Lots of things determine if a country is good or bad for dropshipping. Sometimes, the most advanced countries aren’t the best because there’s too much competition. Instead, you should look for countries where the eCommerce market is still growing and hasn’t been taken over by big companies yet. These hidden gems offer lots of opportunities for success.

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What Makes a Country Good or Bad to Target When Dropshipping?

So, how do you know which countries to target?

Well, the best countries to target are the ones where you’re most likely to make sales. These are the places where people are really interested in buying your stuff. On the flip side, the countries you might want to skip are the ones where you probably won’t sell anything.

Essentially, you should target nations where individuals are eager to purchase online and have disposable income. Here is where you may see the most growth in your dropshipping company!

The 10+ Best Countries to Target for Dropshipping

When it comes to dropshipping, some countries are like gold mines—they’re perfect for selling stuff online. Here’s a look at some of the best places:

  1. United States: Big population, lots of people buying online.
  2. United Kingdom: People here love shopping online, especially for trendy stuff.
  3. Canada: Another country with a big online shopping scene.
  4. Australia: Aussies are into online shopping, especially for fashion and tech.
  5. Germany: They’re big on quality products, so if you sell something good, they’ll buy it.
  6. France: Fashion and beauty are huge here, making it a great market for certain products.
  7. Spain: Growing e-commerce market with a tech-savvy population.
  8. Italy: Italians love fashion and food, so selling stuff related to those can work well.
  9. Netherlands: High internet penetration and a culture of online shopping.
  10. Sweden: Tech-savvy and environmentally conscious, so eco-friendly products might do well.

Plus, there are many more countries out there where you can sell your products. It’s all about finding the proper area where people desire what you’re selling and are willing to pay for it online.

United States

When you think about selling stuff, the United States is often the first place that comes to mind. Here’s why:

  • Biggest Market: Did you know it’s the world’s largest consumer market? That means lots of people buying stuff.
  • Money Matters: The average person in the US has a lot of money to spend, about $69,300 per year. That’s a lot!
  • Online Shopping: In 2022, Americans spent a whopping $905 billion shopping online. That’s huge!
  • Lots of People: With over 331.9 million people, there’s a big pool of potential customers.
  • Perfect for E-commerce: The US is like heaven for online businesses. Lots of people shop online, making it a dream for e-commerce.

Now, if you’re looking for suppliers in the US for your dropshipping business, there are some great options. You can find a list of the top 12 in an article we have. And if you want to start a dropshipping business in the US, we’ve got a complete guide for you.


  • People Have Money: People in the US have a good amount of money to spend.
  • Lots of Online Shopping: Americans love shopping online, which is great for your business.
  • Huge Population: With so many people, there’s a big market for your products.
  • Fast Shipping: There are lots of places to store and ship products from, so customers get their stuff quickly.
  • Growing Online Sales: More and more people are shopping online every year, so it’s a growing market.
  • English Speaking: Since English is the main language, it’s easy to communicate with customers.


  • Expensive: It can be costly to market and sell your products in the US.
  • Lots of Competition: Because it’s such a big market, there’s also a lot of competition for your business.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, which is the second-best country for dropshipping, has a really good online shopping scene. People here buy a lot of stuff online.

Here’s why it’s a good place to target:

  1. High E-commerce Market: The UK has a really developed online shopping market. This means lots of people are comfortable buying things online.
  2. People Have Money: Each person in the UK, on average, has a good amount of money to spend. So, they’re not shy about buying things online. Their average income is about $47,300 per year.
  3. They Spend a Lot: Compared to other countries, people in the UK spend a ton of money online. On average, each person spends about $4,201 a year buying stuff online.
  4. Language Advantage: Almost everyone in the UK speaks English, so it’s easy to communicate with customers.
  5. Big Population: There are around 68.8 million people living in the UK, so that’s a lot of potential customers.

But, there are some downsides too:

  1. Tough Competition: Since the online market is so big in the UK, there’s a lot of competition. You’ll need to work hard to stand out from the crowd.

So, while the UK is a great place to sell stuff online, be ready to put in the effort to beat the competition.


Canada is another great spot for online shopping, just like Australia. Here’s why:

  • People Spend a Lot: Canadians spend around $1,746 per person on online shopping. That’s a good sign for anyone selling stuff online.
  • Lots of Online Buyers: About 29 million people in Canada buy things online. That’s a big market!
  • Young People Love Shopping: Around 33% of the people buying stuff online in Canada are millennials. They’re the younger crowd who are often into trendy stuff.

If you’re thinking about finding suppliers for your dropshipping business in Canada, there’s a handy article that talks about the 12 best ones.

Plus, if you want to start a dropshipping business in Canada, we have a whole guide to help you out!

Here’s the breakdown of the good and not-so-good things about dropshipping in Canada:


  • People in Canada spend a lot of money online.
  • Most Canadians speak English, so it’s easy to communicate.
  • Lots of young people buy stuff online, which is great if you’re selling trendy items.


Because Canada is close to the US, American dropshippers often target Canadian customers, so there’s more competition.


When it comes to dropshipping in the Oceania region, there’s one standout country you shouldn’t miss: Australia!

Here’s why Australia is awesome for dropshipping:

  • Growing Market: The online shopping scene in Australia is booming. People there are spending a lot of money online, around $1,764 per person, which is quite a bit!
  • Active on Social Media: Almost everyone in Australia is on social media, with about 82.7% of the population using platforms like Facebook and Instagram. That means you’ve got a big audience to reach out to.
  • Promising Growth: The amount of money Australians spend online keeps going up by 11.1% each year. So, it’s like the online shopping pie is getting bigger, and you want a slice of that!

But like everything, there are some things to keep in mind:


  • Lots of Social Media Users: Since almost everyone is on social media, it’s easier to reach potential customers.
  • Cheaper than the US: Targeting Australia might be cheaper than going for bigger markets like the US.
  • Growing Market: With online spending going up every year, there’s plenty of room for growth.
  • Spending Power: On average, an Australian spends about $150 every month on online shopping.


  • Shipping Might Cost More: Shipping stuff to Australia could be a bit more expensive, and it might take longer to get there.

So, if you’re thinking about diving into dropshipping and Australia sounds appealing, it could be a smart move!


Germany is a top spot for dropshipping in Europe. It’s a big deal because:

  1. Economic Powerhouse: Germany is the biggest economy in Europe. That means people have money to spend.
  2. Lots of People: It’s the second most populous country in Europe after Russia. More people mean more potential customers.
  3. Good Income: Germans earn a decent amount of money. The GDP per person (that’s how much each person makes on average) is around $50,800.
  4. Big Online Sales: Germans love shopping online. In 2024, they’re expected to spend a whopping $147.6 billion online. That’s a huge market!

Now, let’s look at the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff about dropshipping in Germany:


  • Rich Customers: People in Germany can afford to buy nice things.
  • Lots of Buyers: With so many people, there are plenty of potential customers.
  • English Speakers: Many Germans speak English, which makes it easier to communicate.
  • Less Competition: Compared to the US or UK, there’s not as much competition, so you have a better chance to stand out.
  • Covering More Ground: With a store in Germany, you can also reach customers in Austria and Switzerland.


  • Quality Matters: Germans like good-quality stuff. So, don’t sell cheap, low-quality products.
  • Language Barrier: Not everyone speaks English, so you might need to deal with that.

In a nutshell, Germany is a prime spot for dropshipping because of its strong economy, big population, and love for online shopping. Just keep in mind the need for quality and maybe brush up on your German!


France is a big deal in online shopping. It’s ranked as the sixth largest e-commerce market globally, right after big shots like Germany and the UK.

If you’re into dropshipping and want to target France, it’s a smart move to have a French store. See, the French love their language, so selling to them in French works better than in English.

With a French store, you’ve got a good shot at success in France. Here’s why:


  1. Lots of Potential Customers: There are loads of people in France who shop online.
  2. Big Spenders: French folks are some of the top spenders in the world when it comes to online shopping.
  3. Great for Fashion and Cultural Stuff: If you’re selling fashion or anything related to French culture, you’re in luck.


  1. Limited to France: If you have a French store, you’re mainly targeting French customers. You can’t easily expand to other countries like Germany or the UK.

So, if you’re all about dropshipping and want to make it big in France, having a French store could be your ticket to success!


When you think about selling stuff online in Europe, Spain might not be the first place that comes to mind. But trust me, it’s worth considering!

Here’s why:


  1. Growing E-commerce Scene: Spain is becoming a big player in online shopping. Lots of people are buying stuff online, which means there’s a growing market for your products.
  2. Big Population: There are a lot of people in Spain, so there’s a big pool of potential customers for your business.
  3. Less Competition: Compared to countries like Germany or France, there’s not as much competition in Spain. This means you might spend less money on ads to reach customers.
  4. Patience with Delivery: Spanish people are okay with waiting a bit longer for their orders to arrive. So, if your shipping times are a bit longer, it’s not a deal-breaker.
  5. Great for Spanish Stores: If you’re selling products that cater to Spanish tastes or culture, this is the place to be.


  1. Language Barrier: Not everyone in Spain speaks English. This means you might need to translate your website or marketing materials into Spanish to reach more people.
  2. Lower Average Income: The average person in Spain doesn’t have as much money to spend as in some other countries. So, you might need to think about pricing your products accordingly.

Overall, while Spain might have some challenges, it’s definitely a market worth exploring for your dropshipping business!


Italy is another cool spot for dropshipping. So, if you’re selling clothes or yummy treats, you might hit the jackpot.

Italians are into quality stuff, so if your products are top-notch, they’ll be interested. Plus, they’re pretty open to shopping online, so you’ve got a good chance of making sales.

Just like in other countries, it’s all about finding what Italians love and offering it to them online. With a bit of research and the right products, you could do really well in Italy!


The Netherlands is a country in Europe with about 17.2 million people. Each person there, on average, makes around $58,061 a year.

They’re really into buying stuff online, and it’s predicted that by 2025, the total money spent online will be around $48.77 billion. That’s a lot of shopping!

On average, each person spends about $2,530 online, which shows how much they like buying things without leaving their homes.

One thing they love buying online the most is clothes. Fashion is their top choice when it comes to shopping on the internet.

With so many people using the internet in the Netherlands—around 16 million—it’s a great place for dropshippers to target. People there are ready to spend money online, especially on clothing.


  • GDP per capita: Each person in Sweden makes around US$60,239 a year on average.
  • Population: About 10 million people live in Sweden.
  • eCommerce market revenue: By 2025, Sweden’s online shopping market is expected to be worth around US$26.42 billion.
  • Average revenue per user (ARPU): On average, each person spending money online in Sweden brings in about US$2,330.
  • Most popular online shopping category: Fashion is what people in Sweden buy the most online.

So, what does this mean? Well, Sweden is doing pretty well economically. Their online shopping market is growing fast, and by 2025, it’s expected to be worth a whopping US$26.42 billion!

Swedes love shopping for clothes online, so if you’re selling fashion items, you might do really well here.

If you’re thinking about selling stuff to Sweden using dropshipping, it’s a good idea. More and more reliable dropshipping suppliers are setting up shop there, like BrandsGateway. So, it’s a win-win situation—you can make money, and there are trustworthy suppliers ready to help you out.

Can I Dropship in Other Countries?

Absolutely! Dropshipping allows you to run your business from anywhere, which is super cool! You can start your online store right from your own home and sell stuff to people all over the world. So, no matter where you are, you can reach customers everywhere!

Imagine you’re sitting on your couch, sipping your favorite drink, and running a store that sells awesome products to people in different countries. It’s like having your own global shop without needing a physical store or a big warehouse. Plus, you get to tap into a huge pool of potential customers. So, yes, you can totally dropship in other countries and turn your business into an international success!

Most Popular Online Shopping Categories

When you go online to buy stuff, what are the things you usually look for? That’s what we’re talking about here—the stuff that people love buying the most when they’re shopping online.

Here are a few categories that are super popular:

  1. Clothes and Accessories: This includes things like shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, and jewelry. People love to shop for clothes online because they can find a huge variety without leaving their homes.
  2. Electronics and Gadgets: Think phones, laptops, headphones, and all those cool gadgets that make life easier or more fun. These are always hot items because everyone wants the latest tech.
  3. Home and Kitchen Appliances: Stuff like blenders, coffee makers, and vacuum cleaners. People are always looking for ways to make their homes more comfortable or efficient.
  4. Health and Beauty Products: This covers everything from makeup and skincare to vitamins and supplements. People want to look and feel their best, so these products are in high demand.
  5. Toys and Games: Kids and adults alike love toys and games. Whether it’s the latest video game or a classic board game, there’s always something fun to buy online.

These categories are popular because they’re things that people use or enjoy every day. So, if you’re thinking about starting a dropshipping business, focusing on these types of products could be a smart move!


So, wrapping things up, the world of eCommerce is pretty massive, offering plenty of opportunities for anyone looking to make an honest living. Our aim with this list of top dropshipping countries was to give you a clearer picture of the global eCommerce scene.

Understanding each country’s population, income, and shopping habits is super important for setting up a strong foundation for your eCommerce business. Now, armed with this knowledge, you should have a better idea of which countries to focus on when you’re running your dropshipping ads!

Just remember, when you’re picking your target countries, think about the things I’ve mentioned earlier. They’re the key factors that decide whether a country is a good fit for your dropshipping business or not.

So, drumroll please… The winner for the best country for dropshipping? It’s the good ol’ United States! Why? Well, because it’s got a huge spending power online, lots of people, and a high average income per person.

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Which country is best for dropshipping in 2023?

In 2024, the United States stands out as the top choice for dropshipping. With its massive online spending, large population, and high average income, it offers a fertile ground for successful dropshipping ventures.

Is UK a good market for dropshipping?

Yes, the UK can be a good market for dropshipping due to its strong eCommerce presence, high consumer spending, and tech-savvy population.

Is Amazon dropshipping legal in UK?

Yes, Amazon dropshipping is legal in the UK as long as sellers adhere to Amazon’s policies and guidelines.

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