April 24, 2024

7 Best Fitness Products For Dropshipping in 2024

Best Fitness Products For Dropshipping? Welcome to the world of dropshipping, where you can start your own fitness business without ever needing to handle inventory! If you’re passionate about fitness and want to sell products like workout gear, supplements, and equipment, dropshipping is a fantastic option.

In this guide, we’ll explore the basics of dropshipping in the fitness industry. We’ll discuss why it’s a great business model, how to choose the right products, and the steps to start your own fitness dropshipping business. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to turn your passion into profit or someone interested in the booming fitness market, this guide has got you covered.

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Fitness Dropshipping Industry

The fitness industry is booming, with a focus on exercise and wellness products. It’s expected to reach $26.55 billion in digital sales by 2026. In the US, the average person spends less than $30 monthly on gym memberships.

Using Google Trends data, we see a consistent growth trend, especially evident from July to November, peaking in December. This signals a prime opportunity to enter the market.

Fitness dropshipping leverages this growth by offering exercise equipment, apparel, supplements, and more. This business model allows entrepreneurs to sell products online without inventory, making it accessible and lucrative.

In this guide, we’ll explore the dynamics of the fitness dropshipping industry, trends, and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Let’s get started!

7 Best Fitness Products for Dropshipping

1. Yoga Mats

The first on my fitness dropshipping products list is Yoga Mats. These best fitness products to sell come in a variety of colors and are important for a proper home gym setup.

Yoga mats provide a slip-resistant foundation for a variety of floor-based activities such as yoga, Pilates, stretching, and ab workouts. They help you stay balanced and comfortable while you exercise.

When it comes to this sort of equipment, it’s critical to pay attention to quality, therefore selecting the correct source is critical. What’s more, yoga mats bring dropshippers great profit margins.

These products’ costs usually range from $14-44, and the selling prices are from $36-110. This leads to profit margins of around 61%.

Also, the Google Trends results show that customers constantly search for this type of product. Plus, if I compare the trending searches from the last year in this period all I can see is growth!

2. Smartwatches

Are you hesitant about diving into the smartwatch market? Don’t be! With a whopping 2 million monthly searches, smartwatches are a goldmine waiting to be tapped into. These nifty gadgets are here to stay and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Why Smartwatches?

Smartwatches offer users a treasure trove of health-related information. From counting steps to monitoring calories, reminding you to stay active, tracking heart rates, and even keeping an eye on blood pressure and sleep patterns, these gadgets are in high demand. Plus, with a wide range of models, sizes, colors, and features to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Trending and Profitable

Google Trends confirms what we already know: smartwatches are hot! And the best part? They’re only getting hotter. With prices ranging from $10 to $171 for suppliers and selling prices hovering between $24 and $214, the profit margins are impressive, typically falling between 40% to 60%. Who’s buying? Tech enthusiasts and athletes are leading the charge.

Accessibility and Options

While some smartwatches can come with hefty price tags of $100 to $500, there’s a wide variety available to suit different budgets and needs. And it’s not just the big-name brands dominating the market. You have a plethora of options from various fitness dropshipping suppliers, ensuring there’s something for every niche and budget.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on the smartwatch craze. With high demand, healthy profit margins, and a diverse range of options, smartwatches are the perfect addition to your fitness dropshipping business.

3. Fitness Apparel

Wearing suitable fitness clothing throughout workouts makes them more fun. You’re not only comfortable, but you’ve also dressed appropriately.

This is one of the reasons why fitness clothing is a top-selling option in 2024.

Your target audience includes more than just fitness enthusiasts. But today, practically every female uses, like

  • leggings,
  • gym shorts,
  • sports bras,
  • t-shirts,
  • yoga trousers.

In fact, this is everyday wear or a fashion item for women nowadays!

Furthermore, the product costs range from $10 to $25, and as Google Trends data show, fitness fashion items online purchasing will continue to expand.

What’s more, one of the most demanded fitness apparel is yoga pants. So, according to Google Trends, the search for this product is expected to grow.

4. Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are becoming more and more popular because they’re easy to use, especially as people set up their own home gyms. These days, they’re at the top of many people’s wish lists.

If you’re thinking of selling adjustable dumbbells, the key is to know who your customers are. You need to make sure there are enough people interested in buying them.

These dumbbells can cost anywhere from $14 to $50, but you can sell them for prices ranging from $35 to $112. That means you can make a good profit, around 60% in profit margins!

And here’s a smart idea: you can bundle them together to make even more money.

Here’s a tip: try to find fitness suppliers who are close to where you are to save on shipping costs. That way, you can make even more profit.

Now, about the demand for adjustable dumbbells: while searches for them were steady for a while, they’ve been picking up lately. In the past year, especially from October to February, more and more people have been searching for them online. And it looks like this trend will continue into 2024, especially during November and December. So, it’s a good bet for your business this year!

5. Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and supplements are like little helpers for people who work out. They’re super important. Whether they’re made from natural stuff or not, it’s crucial to take the right ones to make sure all your hard work in the gym pays off. That’s why more and more people are looking for these kinds of products. And guess what? By the end of 2023 and into 2024, these products have been on fire!

Now, when we talk about dropshipping, there are tons of cool items you can sell, especially in the fitness world. You’ve got everything from protein drinks to antioxidants. But one category that’s really popular for dropshipping is vitamins. They’re a big hit among fitness enthusiasts.

So, let’s break it down.

  • Vitamins and Supplements for Fitness: These are like your secret weapons. They help your body stay strong and healthy, so you can keep pushing yourself during workouts.
  • Protein Drinks: These are like tasty treats that also give your muscles what they need to grow and recover after exercise.
  • Antioxidants: These are like little warriors that fight off harmful stuff in your body, keeping you feeling good and ready for action.

When you’re running a dropshipping business, offering vitamins and supplements can be a smart move. People are always on the lookout for ways to support their fitness goals, and these products can help them do just that.

So, if you’re thinking about diving into the world of fitness dropshipping, don’t forget about vitamins and supplements. They’re not only popular but also really important for anyone on a fitness journey.

6. Pull-Up Bar

Pull-up bars are a popular choice for workouts, whether you’re setting up a home gym or outfitting a professional one. They’re simple yet effective tools for building upper body strength using just your body weight.

One great thing about pull-up bars is that they come with different grip options. You can find bars with broad grips, narrow grips, and even hammer grips, giving you versatility in your workouts.

When it comes to pricing, pull-up bars typically range from $50 to $75. However, when you sell them, you can price them between $116 and $128, offering you a healthy profit margin of around 40-50%.

In summary, pull-up bars are affordable, versatile, and profitable fitness products that cater to a wide range of customers looking to strengthen their upper bodies.

7. Battle Ropers

Battle Ropers are perfect for people who love cardio workouts! If you’re a fitness dropshipper looking for products to sell, these battle ropes should definitely be on your list. They’re great for beginners and those at an intermediate level who want to build strength. Plus, you can use them indoors or outdoors, making them versatile for all kinds of workouts. So, if you’re targeting folks who want to get fit and have fun doing it, these battle ropes are a must-have in your inventory!

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In conclusion, when it comes to dropshipping fitness products, it’s essential to focus on quality, functionality, and trending items. Look for products that offer value to your customers, such as durable workout equipment, innovative gadgets, and stylish apparel. Conduct thorough research to identify the best suppliers and products, and continuously monitor market trends to stay ahead of the competition. By providing high-quality fitness products and excellent customer service, you can build a successful dropshipping business in the fitness niche.


Can you dropship gym supplements?

Yes, you can dropship gym supplements by partnering with reliable suppliers and ensuring compliance with regulations.

How to sell protein powder?

Sell protein powder by highlighting its benefits, targeting fitness enthusiasts through online platforms, and offering personalized recommendations based on their fitness goals.

How do I start my own protein brand?

To start your own protein brand, conduct market research, develop a unique product formula, find a reliable manufacturer, create branding and packaging, and establish distribution channels.

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